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I agree that the slingshot and its users suffer from the stigma of playing with what is seen as a child's toy. I have learned to exploit this weakness when needed and turn it into a strength while "Freedom Hunting". Where I live is very rural and conservative (two thumbs up!!!!) and while there are very few serious slingshot shooters almost every man there had one as a child and there are probably a few old men who have held on to it all their lives. Since everyone knows everyone else they will either know or know of these old men and therefore it is acceptable in their eyes. Of course, guns and hunting are followed by almost every man there, too, so being out and about is not at all derided.

As far as being on your own, that is a good thing. While the people where I live are some of the nicest you'll ever meet worldwide, they are a clannish bunch and as I am an out-of-stater and of closet biracial descent (passing myself off as a cracker, of which I am part) I will state for the record that I spend a full six months a year home from the sea at home off work and have zero friends in my local area/county. This may sound ugly but to be honest I am happier this way as it frees me up for more fishing, roving, and slingshot time. While I don't want to hijack this post and make it about me I'll state that I don't like getting caught up in this week's latest ******* Drama of who's banging whose wife, who's making the meth this weekend, who wants to borrow money, and the list goes on and on. I have Federally-issued licenses from three nations and can't afford to get caught up in some idiot's harebrained schemes. You'll never have those problems wandering the woods and streams with fishing rod and slingshot!

Finally, I've visited your Carpathian Mountains once in western Ukraine. They are very beautiful and remind me of my own Ozarks.
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