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Kind of an odd question.

I've bought a couple GZK Slingshots recently and noticed the edges of the folded bands that come with them are always facing away from the forks. In fact I thought they were upside down at first. But then the others were like that too. I've always seen people point the edges down towards the forks so it struct me as odd.

I'm not a great shot by any means but I cant tell a difference accuracy wise at all and assumed there wouldn't be any. But the more I got to thinking of it, it seems to me for band longevity band edges away from fork might actually last a little longer. Instead of the band edges hitting the forks as they go over, that fold would. This is not backed by anything just my rambling brain. lol

Just curious what side you put yours and what you guys think of the edges facing away from the fork.

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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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