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Went out this AM to get some canned Chile (that's a story onto itself) and then went out to do a little shooting. Using my F-16's with a rubber band attachment method, I shot pretty darn well, I was happy. Those marbles were flying hard and true -- I love watching them fly ;- )

I could not go to my usual spot because of the rain halted access due to the quicksand like dirt roads, so I shot at this abandoned chicken farm, right along the side of a not traveled much, but paved street, there is very, very little traffic so it is safe. I usually walk on back or in between the houses here to do my shooting. As you can see the place is filled with trash and every time I come back there are more interesting things to shoot at ;- )

I was using 5/8" marbles, #303 Kent tubes and a Ray pouch ... a very nice set up.



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