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was out and about, cruising the dollar store, i had seen these y forks before, but i decided to pick one up cause i had some extra cash

cant go wrong with a dollar!

any questions?
it was something like this, except the screw is the same thinkness of the forks, and same length, i havent put in epoxy yet, but for more secure hold i will shortly, but as is, it works fine!

all i did was drill a hole and insert! whoolllla! 1 doller sling shot

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picture is misleading slightly, the forks are only 7 centimeters high, that still too high for you?
My personal taste is down around 4 cm. But everyone has their own preferences. If it works for you and shoots well in your hands, then that is what is important. You have to let your own experience guide you, regardless of my opinions on the matter. My opinions are worth exactly what you paid for them!!!

Cheers ..... Charles

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I hope you epoxied that threaded part in. Even so, I wouldn't trust it.
i havent yet, i plan on it tho, i just took a few practice shots with it to test, and it works well from 80 feet, with the very short bandset of red thera non latex i have on.

the fact is , the screw goes almost to the bottom, so something has to break for it to actually hurt ya, it aint gonna come flying out when the tension is never leading it out, if you know what i mean?

hehe, well charles, i suppose you could grind them down >>
or snip them off somehow...

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**** i have a couple of guitar wall hangers laying around here, they are similar only smaller in width and length.
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