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Rarely does a month go by that we do not have a new member asking for advice on an effective hunting setup for various game. Whilst most can find the answers to their questions by spending some time reading through the hunting forum, alas, most don't.

I am starting this thread in an effort to compile as much useful information as possible into a single place that will be pinned at the top of the hunting forum, easily accessible by all and right in front for inquisitive minds.

To do this I will need your help. What I am asking for is for the hunters on the forum to post in this thread successful and effective hunting setups that you have used to take game. Please be as detailed as possible as to your setup.

What I would like to see in your posts:
  • Game type
  • Slingshot used
  • Shooting style
  • Bands used
  • Band pull weight
  • Ammo type
  • Ammo size
  • Ammo weight
  • Speed
  • Range
  • Location
You don't have to tick every box, but as much info as you can provide will be very helpful to any new member looking at slingshots as a viable hunting weapon. Pictures of your setups would also be very useful.

Please note : This is not for discussion of posted setups. Please try and keep this thread on topic.

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I'll start this off. Please use my post as a template for any future posts.
  • Game type : Feral Pigeon
  • Slingshot used : Home made MX-Ergo
  • Shooting style : Gangsta (Sideways)
  • Bands used : ZDP Fastbands
  • Band pull weight : 8kg (16lb)
  • Ammo type : Steel Ball Bearing
  • Ammo size : 3/8" (9.5mm)
  • Ammo weight : 3.5grams (54 grains)
  • Speed : Approx 73m/s (240FPS)
  • Range : Approx 6m (18ft)
  • Location : Wellington, NZ

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  • Game type: Squirrel (grey and red)
  • Slingshot used: bill hays Seal Sniper
  • Shooting style: Gansta
  • Bands used: TBG straigh cut for a 35 inch draw length
  • Band pull weight: 15-16 lbs
  • Ammo type: Steel ball bearings and glass marble
  • Ammo size: 3/8 steel, .44 glass marble, 7/16 steel
  • Ammo weight: ?
  • Speed: 220+ fps
  • Range: 20+ feet
  • Location: Central NY USA


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  • Game type: Squirrel, cottontail rabbit, dove and bullfrog
  • Slingshot used: Dankung fox mostly
  • Shooting style: Instinctive
  • Bands used: 18/42s 6.5" from fork to pouch tie
  • Band pull weight: unknown
  • Ammo type: .435 lead
  • Ammo size: .435
  • Ammo weight: 8.5 Grams (132 grains)
  • Speed: unknown
  • Range: 45 ft and closer
  • Location: Eastern North Carolina
Going out next week looking for some good frogging, I will hopefully be putting up some more pics. I have to say the French got at least one thing right, golden brown fried frog legs is about as good as food gets. LOL


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  • Game type: Pigeon
  • Slingshot used: Pocket predator custom with parmswell, luck rings
  • Shooting style: ???
  • Bands used: TBG 25/20 taper, 7" tie to tie
  • Band pull weight: ???
  • Ammo type: Steel
  • Ammo size: 7/16"
  • Ammo weight: 5.6grams (86.4 grains)
  • Speed: 260-270
  • Range: 10-15m
  • Location: Right behind your mom
  • Game type: Mongoose
  • Slingshot used: pocket predator customs with parmswells, performance SPS
  • Shooting style: gangsta
  • Bands used: TBG Double 22mm straight cut
  • Band pull weight: ???
  • Ammo type: Steel
  • Ammo size: 12mm
  • Ammo weight: 5.6grams (86.4 grains)
  • Speed: 260-270
  • Range: 10-15m
  • Location: Right behind your mom
All I got to hunt here in Hawaii is pigeons and mongoose. For pigeons I use TBG at 25/20mm taper 7" tie to tie with 7/16" steel. I also use 1842 or 1745 at 5x elongation with 7/16" steel. I go for headshots.
For mongeese I use double TBG at 22mm straight with 12mm steel. I've also got one with 1745 and 3/8" steel. Headshot pass thru ear to eye. The main thing is accuracy. Bottle caps at 10-15m is a good measure. I don't have a pull scale or chrony, but the DTBG is heavy as well as the 1745. I'd guess 260-270 for DTBG. Higher with the 1745 and 3/8". The three mongoose I shot were headshots with one neckshot. Location- right behind your mom.


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Good topic to pin. I think I've got a decent variety of kills that can be posted.
A lot of my hunting consists of vermin control. I've killed many rats and varmint birds like grackles with a lot of different setups.
  • Slingshot used OTT ArrowshotErgo (in shared designs forum)
  • Shooting style Side
  • Bands used 1" straight cut, 10.5" active length Gold theraband
  • Band pull weight drawn to about 48" it's around 12 lbs.
  • Ammo type steel bearing
  • Ammo size 7/16"
  • Ammo weight about 87 grains
  • Speed 250 fps
  • Range 28 feet
  • Location in the chicken pen
Shot went in the left ear canal and out the right.... instant kill
Notice that I keep all of my movements slow and steady... and from the point of view of the rat (which have poor vision anyway) everything is within my silhouette... since the light is behind me that makes me almost invisible to the little buggers. When planning an ambush, have as many factors in your favor as possible and the odds of success are greatly enhanced.

[*]Slingshot used Shrike, available from
[*]Shooting style Side
[*]Bands used 1" straight cut, 10.5" total length, about 9.5" active length Texshooter .03 natural latex
[*]Band pull weight drawn to about 48" it's around 12 lbs.
[*]Ammo type lead ball
[*]Ammo size .41
[*]Ammo weight about 100 grains
[*]Speed 260 fps
[*]Range 40-45 feet
[*]Location up a tree
Head shot was unavailable so I shot him through the heart. Upon inspection the shot passed completely through the ribcage, going in the left side of the body and out the right.

  • Slingshot used Paladin (in shared designs forum)
  • Shooting style Side
  • Bands used folded 2" straight cut, 9.5" active length green theraband
  • Band pull weight drawn to about 48" it's around 10 lbs.
  • Ammo type steel bearing
  • Ammo size 3/8"
  • Ammo weight about 54 grains
  • Speed 240 fps
  • Range 50 feet
  • Location in a tree
Head shots are recommended if they're possible. This one was turned away from me so I had the choice of shooting through it's back or going for the back of the head... it was an instant and humane kill.
  • Slingshot used Lil' Ranger (in shared designs forum)
  • Shooting style Side
  • Bands used 1" X 3/4" tapered, 9.5" active length gold theraband
  • Band pull weight drawn to about 45" it's around 12 lbs.
  • Ammo type steel bearing
  • Ammo size 3/8"
  • Ammo weight about 54 grains
  • Speed 300 fps
  • Range 100 feet
  • Location in a tree
Small but mighty, note the shot went completely through the bird at a little over 100'. These big male grackles are almost as tough to kill as crows and are much tougher to kill than any Dove or Quail. Because it was so far away, I went with a body shot instead of the head:

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  • Game type : Rabbit
  • Slingshot used : ???
  • Shooting style : ???
  • Bands used : Daisy Yellow Tubes
  • Band pull weight : ???
  • Ammo type : Rock
  • Ammo size : Large
  • Ammo weight : ???
  • Speed : ???
  • Range : ???
  • Location : GA
The bands on the slingshot I used to take this varmit "this afternoon" are old week and need of replacement!

They are $3.50 daisy bands from wallyworld! And are half dryrotton! But I shoot with this sling shot regularly"practice" so I know with a large rock and proper shot placement I could prob take down a grown man.

And as long as I stun/immobilize my Target for a few secs the hatchet makes 4 a quick humane cleanup of a sloppy shot!

This kill was super clean head shot though. And off my front porch noless! With a heavy rock!

Ps. What works for some may not work for others!


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  • Game type : Rabbit
  • Slingshot used : My Scorpion
  • Shooting style : Side
  • Bands used : 1" X 12" straight cut gold theraband
  • Band pull weight : 12 lbs.
  • Ammo type : Lead ball
  • Ammo size : .41 caliber
  • Ammo weight : 105 grains
  • Speed : 250 fps
  • Range : about 40'
  • Location : side pasture
A short video of a basic rabbit kill and a brief description of how to do it.
With this one, I saw the rabbit a little ways off so set up the camera, zoomed it in a little, hung a small fluttering (in the wind) white cloth under the camera and then walked a wide looping hook around to the backside... this made the rabbit pay attention to the fluttering rag and not notice me as I kept a bush and little tree in it's line of vision helping to mask my movement.
The slingshot used was my Scorpion with single per side 1" X 12" gold therabands... I use a 48" draw so the .41 caliber lead ball was travelling at about 250 fps when it struck the rabbit in the upper part of the neck... I almost always aim for the top part of the neck on rabbits because when they hear the bands slap on release they tend to duck or scrunch a little... so most of the time the shot either goes through the ear canal or hits slightly behind the ear because of that. THIS is an important point. The further you are away from the animal the more time the animal has to react to the sound of your bands slapping... if you can keep the ammo travel time to under .20 of a second, most animals won't react in time to move out of the way of the shot.... and that is the primary reason for my desire to use fast bands... fast ammo travel reduces the chances for prey to react to sound and move out of the way.
It is more than possible to kill with slower ammo but slower also means there's a greater chance for the animal to get out of the way...

In this case the rabbit was so transfixed on the fluttering rag he didn't duck or move at all until the ball hit, so all that didn't matter... then it was "lights out".

Here is another that was taken with the same setup, but was not lured or distracted... an open field stalk:

This is a video of the rabbit from above being skinned out... interesting as it shows the damage the .41 lead ball caused with the skin removed:

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  • Game type bunny
  • Slingshot used 'purple oak'
  • Shooting style gangsta
  • Bands used 16mm to 24mm tapered thera gold double
  • Band pull weight unknown
  • Ammo type lead ball
  • Ammo size 12mm
  • Ammo weight 12gram
  • Speed approx 240fps
  • Range 25'
  • Location Northallerton
this is the only kill I have pics of but I like the thread


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game type: pheasant
slinghot used:homemade multiplex cut
shootingstyle:instinctive OTT
bands used: TBG 20mm to15mm 22.5cm long doubled
pull weight:medium
ammo type:steel ball bearing
ammo size: 9.5mm
ammo weight: roughly 54 grains i think
ammo speed:about 310fps
range:15 to 40 yards
location:berkshire england

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game type: pigeon
slinghot used:cheap
bands used: cheap
pull weight:medium
ammo type:rock
ammo size:Large
ammo weight: ??
ammo speed:??
range:15 to 20 metres
location:on a wire
I was really lucky at hitting the pigeon in the head because it was constanly moving it and im not that good but


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  • Game type : Eastern Cottontail
  • Slingshot used : My own natural fork
  • Shooting style : Side shooting in finger support
  • Bands used : 1" X 1/2'' x 8'' Theraband gold tapered
  • Band pull weight : 18 lbs.
  • Ammo type : Steel Ball
  • Ammo size : .38 caliber
  • Ammo weight : 50 - 60 grains
  • Speed : 240 fps
  • Range : 30 feet
  • Location : FL

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I use 10mm lead balls on all my game, i found over the last 35 years of hunting with a catty they are about the best ive shot with, that size will take down up to rabbit size with most band and tube set up, in the 2040 loopes and in single thera band gold at 25mm at the fork and 15 at the pouch they are deadly,
the only thing i dont use 10mm with is the black square elastic, i use 14mm lead, it needs a heavy ball to get the best out of it,
I also use differant draw lengths when hunting, short when shooting in trees with the lamp on the night and out of the car window, and nomal draw when just out mooching,
And a must is respect your game, if you dont think you can clean kill dont shoot, very rare i take a shoot over 25yards, cheers jeff

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Good input shot, and thanks for the info, i was wondering about single thera setups for rabbit hunting, next month i will be out for the weekend stalking rabbits, i really like the accuracy i get from single thera band, wasnt sure if it was strong enough for hunting rabbits, also, i heard squirrels are tough? If you dont mind me asking, what would be a good setup for hunting squirrels?
single thera band gold, 25mm at the fork and 20mm at the pouch and 10mm lead or 9.5 steel, thats what i use on rats

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  • Game type : BlackBird ( MAIMED By Neighboors Cat)
  • Slingshot used : Own Custom
  • Shooting style : TTF
  • sed : #107 rubber bands
  • Band pull weight : 14lb
  • Ammo type : Steel Ball Bearing
  • Ammo size : (8mm)
  • Ammo weight : 2g (32 grain)
  • Speed : 250+FPS
  • Range : Approx 11m
  • Location : UK
*NOTE: Bird was unable to achieve flight due to being mauled by a neighbours cat. It is not legal to hunt this bird in the UK I was simply ending its suffering, in heinsight my ammo choice was poor yet effective I shoot 9.5 steel at most bird quarry however as proven to myself by the efficiency and speed of the 8mm steel (complete skull pass through) I would consider some high speed 8mm for smaller birds.

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Game type : grey squirrel, duck, rabbit
Slingshot used : self made natural.
Band type: .30 med latex. Working length at 10"x1.5-3/4"
Ammo type : Steel Ball Bearing Ammo size : .50 cal
Ammo weight : unsure
Speed : unsure
Range: up to 70'
Location : NC. USA
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