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i am about to order the ergo hunter from hunter joerg sprave said it was a very good slingshot, durable, lightweight, reliable etc. but is it really that good??? (im not sayng i dont believe joerg, since im a HUGE fan of his, and already made his "W" and a "gloveshot", so i just wanna make sure the slingshot is good, and actually is very,powerfull, reliable etc.
i also want to find out how good it is overall. plz answer;D
There is nothing wrong with his slingshots. One thing that is a plus with a multi layered wood like he uses is that it won't break from a fork hit.

The bands he puts on are strong. In fact, for me, too much as I only target shoot. At most I will use two strips of thera gold on each side. 3/4 inch at fork to 1/2 at pouch.

Personally, I like his green hunter better. Again for me as this is personal. I had to rasp (sand) down a little of the ergo bump to suit comfort for my hand. But, the great thing about wood if it is purchased, we can alter it a little if it has too much of a pressure point for our own hand. Even with the modification I like the Green better.

In a few months time and taking it back up I could change my mind.

Too solve this dilemma in the first place, Ergo, Hunter?..... Hunter, Ergo?.....Ergo, Hunter? I bought both. Having both, gave me insight as to how a design fit me.

Remember this comment is according to my hand and style preference.
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