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OK I'm not disappointed but trust me it's definitely not as pretty as some of the slingshots I see on here

How is everyone doing? As some of you may know I've recently reignited my hobby and interest in slingshots. In my last post I showed you guys a catch box that I made out of an old cabinet and it served it's purpose well and it still is. However, I'm thinking of upgrading that soon, maybe make something a little bit easier on the eyes, idk that's a post for another time. Anyways yesterday I made a purchase for something that I had always wanted back in the day when I would make slingshots either out of natural forks or board cuts with a jigsaw.

I had set an alert on OfferUp and right around 10 in the morning yesterday I got a notification, " $35 scroll saw works great, comes with a bunch blades" it was the right one lol. A truly essential purchase.


The gentleman selling it was really nice and had used it to do some backsplash and counter work back in the day and just needed to make some space so he let it go to good hands . All the other guys that were selling them locally either wanted next to retail for something that is basically a harbor freight scroll saw or they were just selling clapped out junk. Now before I get any smoke blowing up my I'm not saying you need a scroll saw or something similar to make nice slingshots. I'm not even calling mine nice, but a scroll saw is just a commodity that I've always wanted.

So with my new toy acquired I quickly set it up on the back workbench changed the blade to the correct one for the plywood that I had laying around and set the tension and got to cutting right away.



I used the OTT Ranger template just because I really love the ergonomics of my old ranger but from shooting these past few months realize TTF is not my go to at all lol. I really love the ergonomics of my old ranger but shooting these past few months I realized TTF is not my go to at all . Now as you guys can probably see I maybe should've practiced a couple times before but I just really wanted to get it done before sundown. When I got it started it was about seven-ish in the afternoon. I had ran some other errands throughout the day and was working on some other projects (diy car headliner is time consuming!!!) however I still managed to get it done that same night and was banded up and shooting towards the later part of 11pm.







I'll have you know, I've never used a drill saw or any type of stationary saw besides a tablesaw for tearing 2x4's in half before. I quickly learned that you have to rotate the wood around the blade and let the saw do the work rather than trying to push the board in the direction you want to cut. I promise my next one will come out better . All in all though I'm very proud of how it came out.



I took it out for a few shots that night and I realized the band grooves needed to be a little bit more pronounced to keep the bands from slipping off eventually. So I did that and rebanded it. This morning I killed a menacing zero cal Mountain Dew can and shot it in half and about six or seven shots from 12 or so paces. Didn't get a picture of the can but trust me it was ugly! The SS feels great and the hand and I love how light it is in that soft texture that the wood has. I can shoot it all day. I'm one proud slingshot "dad"

Here's a picture so you get a size reference. The middle one is my old Dankung jungle hunter 2 ( I believe this is my first "professional" shooter I bought probably back in 2010 or so) The right most slingshot is one that I made in my grandpa's backyard with his jigsaw (probably 2010 so I was around 12). As you can see it's about the same size as the Dankung which for me I feel is perfect. It's a little bit smaller than the template that was printed online of course after all the sanding but I love the way it feels in the hand and I'm pretty accurate with it. I like to think there's a big difference from the very last one I made (one on the right) to the one I made yesterday and I'm pretty proud. Now I do need some of input from some of you, or help I guess, figuring out what to do with it next. I might cut out another one but I'm really digging the sanded layered look on this one, it reminded me of moose for some reason lol. I was wondering if I should stain it or hit it with clear. I'm not sure exactly what I should do to it so any input from you guys would be awesome!!! Does anyone have any good names for this one I just made? Also what type of wood do you guys usually use for board cuts? I probably have two or three more slingshots out of the board I have at most, and I don't know what I should use next or even where to get the wood for board cuts. Now I do remember digging out scraps of plywood from a furniture place but most of what they had was a lot of cheaper grade plywood the type that usually just gets vinyl or fabric glued over it nothing nice really, and if it was nice it was softwood that would break really easy (wow it's all coming back to me ) In the future I kind of want to make some nicer looking ones of fancier wood maybe but I do like the multiplex stuff too!

Anyways, I hope guys enjoy the read. So if anyone has any input on what I should name the slingshot please let me know!! That would be awesome!! As well as what kind of wood you recommend using for board cuts and where to get the wood or also just any input or any comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm in San Diego, California by the way so shout out to all my So Cal shooters!!! Lol. We should do a SoCal event one these days as soon as all this blows over!! Thanks a lot guys!!


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Great tool acquisition Dylan, and good looking sling.
Something I like to do is glue on another piece of the ply( or a chunk of real wood ) as a palm swell as that really helps with the feel or grip. ( like this one I've been piddling with out of multiplex )......I also like BLO as the finish usually.




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