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I've been using my sling to harass the non-resident geese (with appropriate permit) I don't actually aim to hit, mostly just use hand-rolled mudballs about an inch and a half in size to startle them. I discovered how fun that ammo is to splat against a hard surface completely by accident. Way too slow and soft to be very dangerous, very visible against the sky, it just looks *FUN* as it arcs away from you.

So here is my question, anybody ever done *that* type of target shooting? Same basic concept as the water balloon sling or pumpkin chunkin' but with your handheld? Completely different style of shooting but still very satisfying, and arguably less intense and more "fun" type of casual shooting that might appeal to a broader audience? Its basically just safer lawn darts or horseshoes..

I've been enjoying the hell out of it and just realized I had never seen the idea discussed anywhere.

So, thoughts?
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