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My mother-in-law, Nancy MacDonald, was diagnosed with an aggressive small cell lung cancer on April 10th, 2019. She has just recently started a very aggressive chemo and radiation therapy in an attempt to slow down the tumor growth, and to extend her life for three to five more years. Her husband had to take a leave from work in order to take care of her during treatment. The money raised from the sales of these frames are to allieviate some of the financial stress that they are experiencing.
After her therapy is finished, and her husband returns to his job, 50% of the sales proceeds will continue to be donated to The Canadian Cancer Society.

$45USD per frame, shipped via oversized regular letter post in a bubble envelope.. payable through PayPal (I can ship with tracking if buyer pays)

Thank you for your support

MW (Len)
#slingshots4life #forkcancer

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