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Since I'm officially a "biker" (Kawasaki Ninja 400 KRT edition ABS, which I bought for myself as a 74th birthday present, following a 4 decade hiatus from "bike" riding),

I watch the biking adventures on YouTube. I began to think "what would it take to go from where I am in south Florida to where I was born and raised in the "Midwood" section of Brooklyn NY?"

Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Vehicle Automotive tire

For the fun of it, I Google-mapped it, and learned that it would be a 1247 mile trip, one way, it would take 18 and a half hours to ride there, and I figured that I'd need to refuel my bike six times each way. I'm not actually going to do it, especially on a crotch rocket sport bike, but it tickled my fancy, which hasn't been tickled in awhile.

So I did a little research about my old neighborhood, and it seems that as neighbors, I had some well known folks. Here's the list as per Wikipedia.

Ruith Bader Ginsburg

Bernie Sanders

Chuck Schumer

Gil Hodges

Marissa Tomei

Barry Manilow

Lou Ferrigno

Sy Syms

Quite a fascinating find!



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Ah, you're living my dreams! Hopefully I'll get around to getting one of those sooner rather than later. That's quite the collection of neighbors there!
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You did something good for yourself with a bike like that. Way to celebrate a birthday! I bought a 2017 Ninja ZX6 a couple years back. I love it. The ABS is a dream. No more back tire sliding around issues. I did 650miles in a day once. Up the Mississippi and into Minnesota and back... fun ride... but I don’t recommend that kind of distance on a crotch rocket. You get a lot of pain in the shoulders and wrists. Not to mention the old backside. Best to fill up every hour to hour and a half. Stretch the legs. But it’s so much fun. More like a smooth flowing dance than on a cruiser. One with the bike and all that. Congratulations. Have fun. Stay young. Be safe.
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