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Hey slingshot-sama, I have been absent a lot as my adulting has hedged into my hobby life.

That said I am still here and shooting and making and recieving some fine items. If I have forgotten to post/share your flippery items, I do apologize. Message me and be as ornery as you feel.

In this post I want to share a Fb friends work. He may even come dow. to the Tennessee slingshot Camporee in late June.

He lives in Ky and next time I am up his way we are grilling. I hope to bring some TN walleye and goodies. His name is Dirk Dillion and his conpany is Useful Leatherworks.

I had some Christmas money and new steel toed shoes and a holster iis my kind of stuff. (Shoes not pictured.)

I cannot even explain how well crafted and designed this is. Some sort of secure snap that you pull or it is locked. and stitching (custom colors, too!) is impeccable. Rides out of the way and stays in place on my belt. If you hunt the frame can ride with the snap unfastened. Could be used for hammers or hatchets if you let him know.

He will be closed to orders soon as he has some hand surgery coming up soon. Add him to your prayer circles if you got 'em, please.

Oh and nice and sort of quiet targets. For me the reduced ricochets are a big plus.

Thanks for looking.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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