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My father made these two slingshots for my son and me. I swapped out the light band my father used for an even lighter Dankung black band. Now he enjoys shooting his slingshot versus feeling like it's some sorta of workout. Everything was handmade and something my son and I will cherish from "grandpa."

[soap box]

I think commercial slingshot manufacturers (not including Dankung) have done the youth a dis-service in not marketing a real youth slingshot for 5 and up. All of my son's Cub Scouts den pack can not handle commercial grade slingshots safely. I won't mention the models I tried, but they were all the standard over the counter commercial models. They need to make something that is easy and fun to shoot and at the same time promotes good shooting form. Enough to dent a soda can and knock over army men. It doesn't have to pierce pig bone or kill birds. Shaky arms and poor draw pull make the sport no fun for young guns to find a life long sport. At this age if it isn't easy and fun, they become disinterested fast.

I like to compare it to baseball. Even in baseball there is blast-ball, then tee-ball, then coach pitch, and then finally fast ball. All the commercial models are fast pitch in comparison. It took my father making a proper frame and me putting on Dankung tubes and now my son says, "dad, this really is fun."


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