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Few Bunnies Lately- First Time Back On The Forum In Months.

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G'day everyone sorry I have been so inactive life's been bloody busy at the moment haven't had much time to have a look at the forum! Shot a couple bunnies last night, one which had myxomatosis which wasn't too good to see but did the fella a favour for sure. The other was perfect a little lean but still good meat nonetheless. The first shot was about 16m and only provided a chest shot. Haven't taken any bunnies with chest shots yet however I knew it would kill it. Ball went into his heart and put him down in about 2m. The other was shot from around 22m which is the furthest I've ever stretched a shot on a bunny. Again, I knew it would kill it as I worked up the a heavier bandset for longer range shots and to compensate for the colder weather here at the moment. The shot placed just under his eye putting him out instantly. Slingshot was my Titan Hunter by Chris Grafin over at Catapult Carnage. Bandset was a 25/20 .6 sumeike set and the good ol 8mm steels. Cheers for reading hope everyone is good and hope to be a little more active from now on!


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