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Hey m8s I have my latest 3 builds for trade pm if interested thank you :)
Willing to trade for different types of woods preferably half inch in thikness or more 6in X 5in X 1/2-in
Slingshot accessories.
Pretty much anything slingshot related :)

If you would like more pictures you can pm me or go to my profile and see my post of them.

Thank You

(No bands included)


1) If multiple people pm me on a certain frame I will choose the one I would like to trade with the most.

2) Shipping will be done either Monday, Friday, or Saturday. If you change your mind please let me know before these days come by. I wouldn't like to send a sling and not get anything in return or you guys going through the trouble of shipping it back. (We are all adults let's be honest with each other if something like this happens please send back)

3) No trade backs.

4) I won't be responsible for any malfunctioning or injury please try light bands at first and increase in strength at your own risk!

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