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Hey y'all,
I'm trying to thin out a few frames in my collection that I don't shoot. Here is are a figure 8 Descender with tabs which can be shot either OTT or TTF. Asking $25.
B19D4FDA-6F09-4985-8632-4C625D6E576A.jpeg 7705C07D-AEA7-4DFC-8403-AE295B7E6DC3.jpeg 586C2E2E-4640-43E0-BCAD-FFA89AF85354.jpeg
Next is a right hand hold Dankung steel frame. Asking $20.
D453C09E-56E0-4F0D-9692-5AAA8AE72BD1.jpeg 91DF4DBB-4E08-4592-97AB-F4ECB85D232B.jpeg FC7C73AE-9B17-4DC0-9579-CC4591671E52.jpeg
I would also take $40 for both.
Thanks, Tony


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