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nice. lot of damage for 8mm! ive been using 10/11mm steel. cool.
Yeah these balls have to be moving very very quick for it to kill game. I've had pass throughs on pigeons with this setup. 10/11mm steel is killing by blunt force trauma to the head/body vitals. 8mm steel kills due to its penetration purposes. I love it being it has an extremely flat trajectory up to 20m plus so easy to aim for distance and I love the speed you get from it. First saw Chris Graffin using it on his Youtube channel 'Catapult Carnage'. You have to do a decent amount of practice if you're thinking about taking game with 8mm because shot placement is key.
Yes, hence the reason I bought lots of 5/16" (8mm).

I can get about 285+ fps using single 3050's, it shoots flat as heck out to about 25 yards, and will take down anything I go after as I really don't hunt much fur, but go after mainly Starlings, Pigeons and like size pest.

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