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Hey guys! Finished up a fully custom LBS I had been working on for a few weeks .. this one is the first of it's kind! .. I flintknapped a arrow head out of volcanic glass (obsidian) and casted it in resin .. I added blood red color to add the effect that it passed through a animal .. then I broke the point after the resin was nearly set .. to give it the broken effect .. the core/forks of this LBS is ivory white g10 .. and the finger swell is ruby red g10 and black peel ply g10 .. hope u guys like it!

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beautiful Joey, not sure which I like more, the Obsidian point or the LBS, haha.........I taught myself to knap and did it

for about 3 or 4 years using all kinds of material, but my favorite material to work is the fiber optic glass slabs.

I have a blade I made from a really nice piece of double flow Obsidian, that has swirls like smoke in it if held up to the light, and

I just need to find the right deer antler to haft it into as a handle.

Love the LBS though, cool idea and colors. :bowdown:
1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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