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First BB (as in Daisy) shooter

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Well I made my first dedicated BB shooter, it was the last fork I had drying in my trunk (gotta hit the woods soon) the forks were very narrow and almost parallel to each other for their entire length. i figured it would be too narrow to use but I still didn't want to throw it out so I went ahead with it anyway, So now I have a BB shooter but as things usually work I have no BBs. I tried shooting a couple of marbles through it with limited success then I remembered I had a box of 20cal pellets for my air gun and the rest is that I know it works it's off to Walmart to get some BBs..
So here she is, the last of the Butt sisters, Baby Bathsheba.

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Doesn't look butt ugly to me att all. I like it!
I agree....not so ugly to me
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Awwww, that's a cute lil feller. Nice job, Harper.
Man that thing is ugly! Just send it to me so I cam bury it in the back yard!

I'm I seeing this correctly? Did you drill holes threw the forks for the tubes and then loop them around the forks?
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I'm I seeing this correctly? Did you drill holes threw the forks for the tubes and then loop them around the forks?
Yep. It's a pretty cool method. Same as this, except harp puts his loops under the bands rather than over.
Yeah I like to make naturals but all I had on hand were tubes so I came up with the idea, only to find out it had already been
done . on smaller forks I just feel more secure having the tubes under rather than over, don't know why...
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Naturals posess an intrinsic beauty. They always seem to fit the hand well and possess structural strength like a composite.

This is no exception.
This one I am pretty sure I'll keep most of the others I make will probably be put up for sale from time to time,( I love making them but you can only shoot so many) I'm afraid if I sold this one somebody would try shooting a 50 cal ball through it no matter what I said, and would end up with splinters in their face or a broken thumb or finger....
Hey what do you use to finish your naturals?
I just use a clear gloss acrylic varnish I pick up at the local craft store, I wipe it on with a rag, usually put on 6 coats or more till it shines like I want. Seems to be pretty sturdy. I'm out now and dont remember the brand. Sorry
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