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First Blowgun kill with .625" 5ft Cold Steel Tim Wells

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I made this kill a few days ago after about 8 hours of practice and getting my breath strong enough. My first shot was with the factory razor dart at 8 meters and the second kill shot was with my homemade dart with a #2 xacto blade head at about 6 meters.

I took the first shot too quick because the razor dart went through the back thighs and stopped when the cone hit the fir. The squirrel fell out of the tree and I got my second shot with my homemade dart before he had a chance to move. The second shot was a straight lung shot and he died a few seconds later. While the homemade dart has a wider blade the dart stopped when it hit the wrapping that holds the blade. While I think it would work fine for rabbits and smaller animals I will be using the razor darts from now on since they have a clean pass thru and more damage going all the way through. FYI both the above darts are the same weight. I placed the homemade dart where it entered on the other side.

I will NOT be doing anymore hunting with the blowgun until I have many more hours of practice and I KNOW I will get that clean kill on the first shot.

Lucky for me the stun darts (4.90g) are almost the same weight as the razor darts (4.80g) and I can practice using my slingshot catchbox with great fun and success. I pan fried the squirrel with potatoes and onions, the whole family tried it and one of the boys actually liked it!?



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Dang Vince, you are rocking the human powered weapons!
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