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Hi there,

I'd like to share a built project with you; my first ever aluminium shlingshot.
Made from, 20mm alu. sheet. Marked and drilled out with a drill press,
worked ok so far. After drilling I tried to remove the material between the holes
with a tile saw and it took ages. Truns out a jigsaw with a blade for
metal can cut through 20mm alu. alright. just take it sloooow.
The profiling was done on a belt grinder that broke half way during the process (R.I.P)
An angle grinder with sanding / grinding disks worked ok aswell.
Surface finish was done with a set of 3 polishing disks for the angle grinder with
different buffing compounds.

Problem 1. : Heat.

With the tools i used the piece became to hot to touch
even melted down some rubberized gloves. Thick leather welding gloves helped.
The piece had to be dumped in water for cooling every now and then.

Problem 2 : Choice of tools.

I highly recommend a good belt grinder that really hogs away the material
and has a narrow rounding in the front so you can get in the "crotch area" of the slingshot
and clean it out nicely. An angle grinder works for sure but it is hard to do
any roundings. plus see problem 1.
Dremel with coarse sanding drums works, but will only last about 2 mins on medium rpm.

Problem 3 : It took ages.

- Interesting project
- as usual; 90% commitment; 10% equipment
- Again ? NO
- recom for newbies ; No . A nice multiplex built will do just fine
- shiny surface = slippery surface

Thanks for looking, hope you may find this usefull.

Best regards.

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Indeed, a lot of work: you did a very good job here. Nice design too.

I have toyed with the idea of making one of these, but have realized what obstacles are involved after reading about others who have actually gone through the entire process. I admire those who do so.

I assume that polishing must take forever...

This is probably why I've kept to making birch plywood board cut and stainless steel rod slingshots: thankfully, Dankung make some really nice stainless steel flat band slingshots for a reasonable price.
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