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I picked up some BAND TYING TAPE from Simple Shot and thought that since it was my first order from them, that I would grab a "Scout LT" and an "Axiom Ocularis" to add to my addiction... I've been shooting Wrist-Rockets consistently for the last 50 years but I hadn't picked up a simple slingshot since the 70's...
Anyway, the package arrived today, so we went and picked it up. I was exited as all get out and as soon as the wife went into the store to do her shopping, I opened the package, pulled out the Scout LT with the extra handle weight and put it together...

Rattle Rattle Rattle went the weight inside the handle, but it was a quick fix. I just stuck some 1/4"x 1/4" foam into it a half inch long down both sides, tightened it back down and peace came over the forest once again.

I put the bands on and pulled it a few times but I couldn't shoot it yet in the parking lot full of cars and people all wearing their masks... so I grabbed the Axiom and put it together next. I sat there admiring my new slingshots, using the different hold positions with the windows down and stretching the bands to my draw length out the window while old ladies walked by shaking their heads and fingers at me...
I've haven't shot TTF since the 60's Wham-O days, so I set them both up to shoot that way and waited forever until we got home just before dark, just in time to take a few shots with each. I ran in, grabbed my bucket, pulled out the Scout, aimed at the target Gangsta Style... and "Slap" - I could barely make out what was left of the red center in the target because it was getting dark, but I definitely hit the bullseye because that was the last center shot that the target could take... It fell out and slowly tumbled in the air to the ground below the tree... I turned the Scout to a normal old school vertical pinch grip and took another shot, it hit the worn out target, but who knows where... The target needed to be replaced today, you can hear it hit the paper but its shot out everywhere, cut in half and the center is now out of it, but it worked. Next, I had a Coke can laying on its side about 12 yards out, so I shot at it and smacked it hard enough to send it flying back another 5 feet. It was getting a lot darker now, the Scout LT was shooting perfect so I grabbed the Axiom Ocularis, Gangsta thumb support and shot at the can... "smack" I sent it flying back another 3 feet, I could barely see it because it was so dark, so I shot again and hit it again! 2 for 2! I smacked it so hard that it went flying back into the tree that holds my 20 yard target behind it. So I loaded it up again and fired, I could barely see just the tip of it but I still smashed it and it rolled back another few feet and that was it, it was dark, I couldn't see the can anymore and the wife was smiling at me for being sooooo darn lucky... lol.

My first 6 shots TTF and all were hits? Go figure, first time shooting brand new out of the box Simple Shot Slingshots and they have proven themselves. I just centered on the dimple and pulled to my cheek and it was right on the money...
I'm happy.

Since it was dark I then grabbed the Saunders Wing and put a few shots into the 20 yard target and then grabbed Ol'Faithful, my 40+ year old Wrist-Rocket and shot it down to the 40 yard a few times before heading inside to put my kit all together. The lights were on, there was a slight breeze blowing through the tree's as I looked up the Pacific Yew tree at the fork that I've been eyeing, then turned toward the old log cabin that we've lived in the last few years and walked inside... Smiling, Happy and content. The end to a perfect day.

Plant Building Tree Wood Vehicle

I sat down in my chair, pulled everything out of my shooting bucket and put it all in order, refilling the ammo pouches and setting up the new storage box for the new Slingshots.

The Wing Box is the main and has 7 sets of new bands ready to go. I cut a spot for the Band Tying Cord, repositioned a few things and here it is, ready to go with the ammo in the little black bag to the left of the Wing.

Trunk Luggage and bags Bumper Motor vehicle Bag

I just put the two Simple Shots into their own box for now, I'm going to try the Saunders Mamba Double bands on them before getting anymore. It's only been a few weeks since I learned that there were all kinds of new words that I had never heard before in all of my years shooting Wrist-Rockets. OTT, TTF, Pinch Grip, Support Grip, Mooching... and the list goes on.

White Tool Hand tool Font Everyday carry

I've always carried 3 wrist-rockets in my bucket to my favorite shooting spot and I was down to my last 1. So I bought the Wing first because of everyone's opinion of Saunders and then I ordered a Scout LT and a Axiom Ocularis from Simple Shot because of all of the great reviews and because Nathan Masters takes the time to talk to his customers also, like Chuck Saunders. I used to pour marbles into it first about 25% up back when I had an endless supply, then stack everything else on top. It's been my set up for a good number of decades. The bucket holds my binoculars, drinks, bb's and pellets for my air rifle, 44 caliber steel balls and extra bullets for my pistols and rifles, tools, slingshots and now... a medicine jar full of Clod Poppers instead of having a bunch of marbles in the bottom. Every morning, when I am at my mine, I walk down to the river, set up my chair and shoot the leaves and sticks with everything laid out in front of me to clear out my view down river. I sit there for a couple hours until people start coming up to use the swimming holes that we built back in the day. Dragging boulders for the dams, placing boulders to dive off of or lay on, then just shooting our slingshots at our built in targets just above the waterline. Here's the view from my shooting spot when I make it down to the river...

Water Water resources Plant Plant community Fluvial landforms of streams

I just want to say "Thank You" to all of you that have helped bring me into this new world of Advanced Slingshot Shooting, with tournaments, Professional Shootists, and even a "Slingshot Magazine" that I had no idea even existed.

My shooting bucket does have a Camo Lid that fits on it, but here's the bling, less the drinks, binoculars and bullets :)

Blue Automotive lighting Luggage and bags Bag Tableware


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Nice shooting! That was great to read! Reminded me of when I got my first 'serious' slingshot which was a simpleshot torque with looped tubes. About 5 slingshots later and I am rocking the Titan Hunter slingshot from Chris Graffin or 'Catapult Carnage' on YouTube. I still use my wrist rocket occasionally but I have it banded to shoot small thin tubes with a wrap and tuck method of tying. That storage box you have with all the bits and pieces is a good idea!
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