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Hi all,

Following my thread "A Few to Work On During Lockdown" :

I took two forks to work on, a redish one one the far left, and a curvy one in the middle:

Plant Wood Grass Twig Groundcover

My first thought was to make a slingshot that would hang from the wall of a friend of mine (1st picture down), but now when lockdown is on who knows when I will see him so I decided to make a pickle fork shooter out of the red one (second picture down) :

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Cigar Wood Gesture Finger Thumb

Wood Sculpture Brick Art Hardwood

For the curvy one I decided to make wide fork gap on the expense of the width of the forks, they are now some 15 mm which is OK with me (wider than that I can fold). There were lot of interventions there, but I decided to keep the large bump on the handle:

Hand Leg Plant Table Human body

Wood Natural material Trunk Hardwood Art

Food Wood Plant Cuisine Gesture

Plant Wood Twig Natural material Trunk

The reddish one was very light implying not so dense wood; the curved one, although beech showed signs of pre-rotting state, so I decided to treat both of them in my Vacuum Jar:

Automotive lighting Automotive parking light Hood Automotive tire Light

This is the gain in weight:

red weight before stabilization, g: 30.02

red weight after stabilization, g: 36.06

gain g: 6.04

gain %: 20.12

curvy weight before stabilization, g: 83.25

curvy weight after stabilization, g: 94.38

gain g: 11.13

gain %: 13.37

As you can see, they both gained considerable weight; this is basicaly BLO which went deep into their structure; however, the percentage gain is higher with the red one, as I expected, because that wood, whatever it is, is not so dense.

Finally here they are banded; the curvy one with folded 2 cm TBG and pouch for 8 mm lead, and PF with 2 cm TBG with the pouch for marbles - too late I realized that I can not be able to buy Chinese marbles for some time...:

Wood Basic pump Sandal Font Strap

Plant Wood Trunk Musical instrument Art

I hope enjoyed,




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