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Hi Jaydee,

I had the same thing happen to me with the Hunter I have. Only a couple of months into slingshots it happened. I did notice though that because I was green wild shots were happening with other slingshots too. I mean so wild I nearly became afraid to shoot because they were so wild. With the hunter they were the worst though.

I reexamined the bands, pouch, ways I was attaching etc. everything to be sure they were equal, whole and healthy in all ways. Start from the beginning as it is said. I did find I needed to correct a few subtle things that have major impact on accuracy.

Another main contributor was simply me. I needed to correct my form in a couple of minor (but major) ways. Some of my correction needs came from work fatigue as I do wood flooring. I didn't realize right away that the fatigue was impacting my form in combination with the subtle tweeks on with the catty.

What helped me the most was I had to put it side for a while and come back to it with a fresh mind and voila I spotted all the issues. I used lighter bands (flats) then the flats that come with it.

Too, I find switching cattys takes extra concentration and assessing every aspect of form to be sure I shoot straight. Even more so if it has heavier bands than what I have been using.

For what it is worth, hope it helps.

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