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Missing Barns and Telling Yarns
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I was just curious if anyone else had heard about this. I stumbled across this and there seemed to be quite a lot of tutorials and examples on youtube of fishing with mentos and coke. I tried to link a good video example but I'm sure there's better out there.

From what I can see and what I've read, this guy digs channels to the river in marshy land. He pours the mentos into the hole, then adds an egg, then pours in coke. Before long you can see catfish whiskers poking up out of the water, and then he reaches down and grabs it. Apparently the mentos and the coke radically increase the CO2 content in the water making it difficult for the fish to breathe. They come to the surface to find more oxygenated waters, only to become easy to grab. The proteins in the egg become denatured in the water and stick to the fish's gills increasing it's difficulty in breathing. They can try to swim faster to clean the gills buy the proteins stick, only enhancing the effects of the elevated CO2 content.

Maybe not the most sporting method of fishing, but pretty unique and effective! I give major style points for inventiveness.

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