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Hi Ubamajuba,

There are four ways I make tips, as in the picture below:

One, I make somewhat rounded tips, half a circle you might say, of course, in practice it is only close so (as in a);

Two, I make tips so that they resemble catenary function, again, only close so (as in b

Three, flat tips (as in c);

And four, flat tips with the top line slightly slanted down so that the contact of the rubber and the tips is minimal (as in d).

There are two criteria for selection for me in this case: coolness and precision.

Since in many aspects of slingshot shooting I am more after things that are cool than after those that allow me somewhat higher precision (as in OTT which I find more cool vs TTF with which I am more precise), my order of preference is from left to right, as in the picture below:

Rectangle Font Slope Parallel Symmetry




1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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