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I've read this through from the start to here and have not seen anyone bring up the topic of band life. I've just received my first set of latex bands on my new Ocularis SS and they are quick. But I doubt I'll get more than 300 shots or so from them - time will tell. But with the 107 and 105 rubber bands I always get more than 500 and sometimes as much as 650 shots out of a set.

So if cost is the thing some are comparing you have to factor in band life to the cost equation.

I use the rubber bands on my Scout Gen I all the time and find them just fine for back yard destruction or small game like rabbit, squirrel, quail etc..

I've got a swack of banding material to go through but when it's done I'll be giving a sheet of Tex's a whorl just for shits n giggles. Gotta try it all to really know what's best for you. Already I'm ruling out stuff that is not good for me over the last year so it's a time consuming thing to try a whole bunch and find the best of the best for you.

Everyone has a different idea of what's best based on many factors and trade offs like convenience and price and cutting or not cutting vs performance and consistency. Ya gotta pick ur own poison and 105's and107's are a very viable alternative that give good performance for minimal cost and ease of procurement.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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