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Those bands are not bad if you do not have access to pure gum rubber sheets that can be cut to size and shape. For the life of me I don't know why more people don't just get the band sets by Bill Herriman or Gary Miller. Seems like a lot less work and max performance is assured.
As said above excellent post DM.

Yet another innovative, cheap, practical, and effective elastic option to those new and experienced to try.

I'd like to know what preforms better the 105s or the 107s....

I just made a set of doubled theragolds and I was frustrated by how much time it consumed to cut and attach compared to the chains, so I would love a quick and easy flatband option.

Gopher, you say the alliance 107's have good speed when doubled? How is the draw on them? It sounds like a good idea, if they are longer and stretchier than the 105's than I can imagine they may be better.
Are these them? :

Also, has anyone considered the size 117B, I would think they are even larger and that may be something for someone to experiment with.....possibly a butterfly like draw?

Nico, how would you compare the 107s to your 444/555 32's in regards to their speed and durability. I love to hear and learn things about new cheap and easy forms of elastics, this is an excellent thread for sure!

If you do get some 107s DM, would you be so kind as to do a little comparison, no need for complicated testing and equipment if you don't have it.....just your observations and opinions since you'll have both.

Great thread, great input, keep it going everyone, maybe this should just be an alternative bandsets topic in the future, I have no doubt it would help out and inspire many...

Take Care Everyone, keep up the good input! - John
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