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Just got finished with this. Its an unknown type natural log with bark still on it, 2 types of hdpe, copper pins oak,apple,cherry,walnut and laminate wood. I shoot left handed gangster style, this is a modified economic hammer grip with a thumb support on the lower fork. I switched from leather gypsy tabs to inner tube rubber, I think I like it, and it seems to add a little power to the slingshot. It only took me ten minutes to fall in love. A freind/client requested it,but i might keep this one and make another one for him. I still need to braid a para cord lanyard with a magnet in it. but I could not weight to shoot it.

Gesture Wood Hand tool Art Bottle
Drinkware Bicycle handlebar Liquid Collar Wood
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Hand Gesture Finger Wrist Meat


1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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