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In this case I'd agree with Ibojoe - think as a starting platform the Scout is a good choice if you can afford it. You can shoot it OTT TTF and its a forgiving shape (and suits a few grip styles) - and is super capable. A few members use them to keep food on their tables. Its definitely a frame that you can grow with and shoot at any level. You can get one from ProShot in the UK (They also sell Pocket Predator).

Being you're in Slovenia - also check out Wasp Slingshots - The UniPhoxx is a great frame and its really amazing quality for the price - as is the Deltawing. The Wolf (Deltawing with TTF/OTT attachment really) may be worth considering - though for me think in OTT the felt torque may be a little uncomfortable...

Another option would be something like the POM X6 or Antelope from Dankung.
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