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peresh said:[/img]

Anybody can help? I'd appreciate it.
Hey peresh,

Many "experts" have commented a lot about fork hits on this and other forums. Do a search and read everything they have to say and see if it helps.

Like I have said before on this forum, it can be more common with smaller width forks like my PS-1 for some people. Regardless of all the ideas, reasons and "fixes" in truth, the only thing that EVER solved this problem for me personally (for shooting narrow forks) was to learn to shoot with a little forward flip at the moment of release. I believe this mentally and physically lines up the arm, bands, frame and wrist motion to produce a better release.

Also, make sure the pouch is always even around the ammo, and release the pouch with a bit of a feeling like you are going to drop a small bit of trash on the ground. Now I know that this may not help with shooting if you hold the catty horizontal, but you can give it a try, as it may just save the day and a fork.
Hope these tips help. Don't give up it happens to most everybody sometimes.

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