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Hey Fork Hunter! Sorry to hear that you are having problems. It's something that can happen to anyone, even seasoned shooters from time to time. Let me first ask how wide your current catty is between the forks? The smaller the width the more fork hits for many. Let me make a list of things to check.
Pull bands straight back in relation to the fork.
Don't torque the slingshot handle when your draw. If anything the only movement should be a slight flip forward toward the target on your release.
Make sure pouch is straight/ even around the ammo and stays that way as you draw and release. If you roll the pouch unevenly around the ball with the thumb and forefinger as you pull it will essentially shorten one band and lengthen the other. Grip the pouch tight enough that this doesn't happen.
Uneven length of bands.
Bands may be currently too heavy. If the bands are really strong there is a tendency for right handed shooters to shift the fork hand to the right (causing a left fork hit) upon release. This can also happen even with weak bands.

My recommendations.
1. Learn to use a little flip forward (called flip style) as you shoot. It changed my shooting for the better.
2. Get or make a slingshot where the inner fork width is 2 1/2" or even 3" like my model PS-2 and PS-3 pocket shooters.
Hope this helps!!! Keep will work out.
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