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Hi all,

This is a fourth fork I finished from a bunch of raw forks which I presented here some time ago.

To remind you, this is the bunch of forks I talk about:

Plant Wood Road surface Grass Groundcover

This one is second from the left, quite a large fork:

Wood Gesture Finger Trunk Thumb

So I had to trim it to my preference:

Wood Sculpture Trunk Artifact Art

This is an old (from 2013) beech fork, very dry and it really took some time to bark it:

Wood Gesture Trunk Wood stain Plant

Oh, buy the way, this is somebody who helps me when I work on my balcony, his name is Snoopy:

Dog Carnivore Rectangle Wood Interior design

For the first time in the history of mankind I cut the fork tips horizontally (and not 90 degrees to each prong central line),a dn I do not know why:

Wood Plant Tree Font Natural material

Wood Natural material Font Artifact Hardwood

Then recently Mikmaq indian posted his work where he mentioned "roasting" the fork, and he explained how he did it in his post here (thanks!):

So I roasted this one in the same time when we baked bread in the owen. Of course, the temperature was too high and it is "well done" but acceptable:

Hand Wood Gesture Finger Thumb

Sleeve Finger Gesture Thumb Nail

Wood Sculpture Bicycle part Artifact Metal

Brown Wood Artifact Trunk Font

Tool Natural material Composite material Metal Household hardware

Finger Gesture Wood Thumb Nail

I hope you like it,




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That is a beautiful natty.

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Thanks, theizer101, I am glad you like it!

Oh yeah perfect fork my friend. Really nice work and a awesome helper!!
Thank you, Ibojoe, you put it right - an awesome helper!!

Very nice......hope your saving those fork tip cut offs ?
I save all that stuff as it can be glued on to smaller naturals as handle end caps, or fork tip overlays, etc.

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Thanks, SLING-N-SHOT! Yes, I am saving the cut offs, the wider ones, and the ones that have unusual hue. On top of that, I save EVERYTHING from Plum Tree, even its saw dust..

Well Done! Heheh! See what I did there? :imslow:
Thanks, flipgun - I see!

Wow that wood got dark. Beautiful, nice angles and curves. You kept it simple but it still has design elements. Its elegant.

thanks for sharing the link
Hi NSFC, thanks for this very descriptive comment!

Super job!

This bunch of forks seems to have inspired you.

I could say, "You're on fire!"
Thanks, KawKan, and you are right - I am on fire. Before this lock down I would do a slingshot a month, even less; now it seems that I will make some 5 or 6 in this month..

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Thank you hoggy, very much!

A natural beauty from head to toe!!

Lovely shape and very creative finish on your piece!!!


Oh, by the way: what a CUTE friend you have!! They're the best!!

Best regards ...Q
Thank you, Quercusuber for the lovely comment. And you are right, these friends are the best!


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