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Frameless Plinkers Pack

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Posted this in the frameless thread but I think other shooters might like it too:

My 'Frameless Plinker's Pack'! It contains:

- x1 1632 amber loop w/ micro fibre pouch
- x1 2040 black loop w/ BPC leather pouch
- x13 1/2" clay balls
- x25 1/4" steel (on magnetic belt clip)
- x1 3/4" silicone slap spinner
- x1 30" paracord (for hanging spinner)

I love this little pack, very tidy and carries just enough to set up and plink just about anywhere.

This one is a gift for a fellow frameless shooter who also happens to be a member.. :)

Thoughts & comments always appreciated!


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Nice, love the tin. Something new to look for.

Great idea.
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