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I got one of those frameless ring/clamps from 3danman and have been shooting it off and on since I got home last week. I was a doubter initially. When BushpotChef showed one of these off a couple months ago I said that I didn't think it was preferable to using a pouch to connect the bands, as I've been doing for a couple years. I said that simplicity and stealth were two of my favorite things about frameless and that adding a ring with a screw clamp diminished those aspects.
I was wrong. It happens a lot and I relish the opportunity to learn from it.
Having a shiny, heavy object holding the bands together is indeed not as stealthy, but it's simpler to set up and easier to shoot. And it still fits in your pocket or concealed in your palm, not that I or any of us ever shoot where we're not necessarily supposed to. ..

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