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Utube decided to show me a framless idea using a wine bottle cork, having confidence in my release now figured would make it to test.
After only a few rounds added lanyard, much better and stronger feeling now.
While was at it made tube loop
to test also.
With flat band cork and lanyard was hitting can in just a short time, trying different forefinger and thumb fork styles.
Once again tube system was not
for me, they simply roll off both finger and thumb.
I so dislike tubes for yet another reason!
Tried for about half hour to get a comfortable tube framless fork, never did testing many support styles, I hate tubes.
The flat band on the other hand provided a non rolling surface to make a suitable safe thumb and finger fork, yes.
The cork "handle" is not long enough and lacks diameter for a ergo grip so will try either wood dowel or pvc pipe next diy time, both with lanyards.
Was fun to fire a few well aimed shots with deceint but not fast speeds to learn.
Left hand started to cramp so only about half a can cut with about 20 rounds, ok for very first time.
The 2040 tube loop will be taken apart to save pit pouch, tried to
find a use for tubes, failed again not to mention how "cumbersome and clunky" they feel to me, added to roll effect, worthless in my hands.

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