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Hello everybody,

A rainy Saturday afternoon led me to "window shopping" at Aliexpress to see what's new in the wonderful world of Chinese slingshots. It seems to me as though the prices have increased quite dramatically for the range of slingshots displayed by the various sellers.

This reminded me of the impending changes with regard to postal fees that Chinese exporters currently have to pay, bearing in mind that China had the status of a developing country for a long time, and thus benefited from Western subsidies for their postal fees. I came across this article on the subject that you may want to read:

(Quote) "The United States now want to put an end to this: from June 2020, the United States (as a major importer) will be able to choose its own tariffs. "This is exactly what we wanted and planned for", White House trade adviser Peter Navarro said in the Guardian: "We'll buy less Chinese stuff, buy more from other countries, we will make more in America and the market will be free of distortions."

"China will certainly have to pay more to make use of the American market, says Navarro, but consumers will also end up paying more for their parcels to be shipped from abroad. The same is the case for Europe and other countries, confirmed Bishar Hussein, the director-general of the Postal Union."

My feeling is that if you are thinking about ordering a slingshot of reasonable quality (stainless steel or titanium alloy), you may want to do this fairly soon before the full brunt of postal fees starts coming into effect. In any case, the days of subsidized "free shipping" for Chinese packets sent abroad appear to be coming to an end fairly soon.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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