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Friday Flingday Funday- 3rd edition

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So no bad videos for this week, but for this week's Friday Flingday Funday I looked at some recent chrony data and came up with some info that some may find interesting.

Cold tolerance of latex and Simpleshot latex have been recent topics on the forum, so I decided to give test the cold resistance of Simpleshot latex.

In truth, it is probably better to say I tested the cool tolerance, since my low temp wasn't all that cold (35°F). But it is what I was able to get here in the desert (without being in the great white north!).

The advantage of the desert is we get big temperature swings just about daily. And with the recent cold snap, I was able to test the same bands on the same frames at different temperatures on the same day.

All bands were Simpleshot black, either 0.4 or 0.8, 24-16 tapers, with 6" active for my 29" draw length, shooting either 5/16" or 3/8" steel as indicated.

All the combos did suffer a small amount from the cold with about a 5% velocity reduction on average from the high temp of 72°F to the low temp of 35°F. I don't know if there would be a more rapid drop off way below freezing (where the snow sticks) or if there would be a gain on warmer days like the low 100's we get in the summer. But the SS latex doesn't lose much by going from near freezing to t-shirt weather.

Although it was tested last fall, I saw similar results shooting 7/16" steel with SS 0.8 latex, with it getting around 210 fps on a 25°F morning and 225 fps in a warmer afternoon (I didn't get the afternoon temp, but it was a nice day) for about a 7% drop going from really warm to just below freezing.

The take home I got from this is that while SS bands will be slower on cool days or mornings, it will be a minimal loss- probably around 5% and unlikely more than 10%. Pretty impressive that SS latex gives up this little to the cold.

Cheers and happy shooting!


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Nice numbers thanks for doing all the work and thanks for sharing
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