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From a far away country...

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... and through distant skies came the Lady of the Ash.

The humble acolyte of the slingshot cult meditated for hours in time until he began the ritual of transformation.

First he carefully removed the worn clothes from the body of the beauty.

The acolyte suddenly saw the hidden features, well embedded in a wooden shell.

Like Maestro Michelangelo experienced ages ago, the acolyte knew his mission. The beauty had to be freed from her imprisonment.

After many hours of hard work, the shape of the Lady became obvious for the first time.

At the end of the day, the Lady was beautiful and smooth. The acolyte will cover her in a shiny new coat to underline her features.


Seriously, the second fork The Gopher sent me was a challenge.

The first one, I simply forced my Phoenix design onto it, just because I could. This time, I wanted to leave the original curves intact, just carve it into something really unique. The handle was longer on this one, so I added a very unusual eye for a lanyard.

As soon as I have coated it in Polyurethane, the grain will come out much more, it will look like it is wet. The other one looks soo nice now.

I never did much with naturals, but this kind of excessive processing has a lot of appeal.

I hope you like it!

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It amazes me what you can do with a bit of spare time!!
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