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When I was a kid the first thing I ever shot that I can remember was a slingshot made by my grandfather out of a cherry tree fork and bike innertube rubber .
From that my dad gave me a airgun then a 22 lr rifle then around 16 got into bigbore guns shotguns and deer hunting rifles .
About 12 years ago I got back into slingshots with the internet you learn more and see all the possibilities that you never new about .
Now I'm hooked . Something about hitting a 1 or 2 inch target consistently with a slingshot in my mind is so satisfying much more then shooting groups with a gun or bow . I guess because you really have to work at it . At first it seems like a impossible feat .
I'm writing this for those new to this sport having difficulty hitting anything with a slingshot trust me practice and practice the same technique over and over again and you will get good at it eventually .
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