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I live in the USA, in Washington in the city of Vancouver, about 300 miles south of the Vancouver that is currently trucking in snow for the upcoming winter Olympics.

I was wandering around Youtube and found Jeorg's Slingshot channel and have wad=sted half the day in enjoying slingshot related videos. I think my favorite was about an old fella down south who makes his slingshots and sells or shares them and can shoot with them like a trick shooting gunfighter, hitting cans and quarters out of the air.

I have in the past had several slingshots, including a couple of wrist roocket type braced slingshots, one of which had extended forks and a folding brace. I had them but never had reason to get very good at them. I was distracted by larger, more expensive and noisier weapons. Finally I got rid of all the guns as impractical for my lifestyle and too expensive to run. Even the airguns left the premises. My friends bore the benefit of my turn of mind with good spirit.

So why am I interested in slingshots? I am interested in things which seem more primitive in the ranged weapon line, such as bows, spears and atlatls. I've tried my hand at only the bow and the sling and both were fun experements if not necessarily successful. The slingshot is really only the latest in a long line of things to interest a chronic dabbler. Still, it seems like a return to the primitive with the best of new technology, in the form of modern elastics and metal or bonded wood frames. It just seems so cool.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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