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Hello all.
Just exploring full B fly style learning for
Saftey with 8 mm ammo and 2040 ott 4x
Draw so easy pull.
Did graze cheek once but accuracy improving although slow, enjoying the path.
I see most seem to employ ott vs ttf when full B fly.
Anyone who has tried both or has ideas,
What are the pros and cons of ott vs ttf when
shooting full butterfly please?
Ready to cut longer bands and set up scout frame
and as able to do either ttf or ott wondering which above all is most cheek friendly?
Ott would seem to have pouch passing closer than
Ttf but sighting the latter?
THX, ukj

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THX for replys!
Another question please.
If I understand reading somewhere for straighcut bands one uses 1.75 ratio to ammo diameter for normal draw.
If double draw can use 1/2 band ratio width for same speed with less draw lbs pull.
Also thought I read that somewhete here?
I am really enjoying learning this but still would like to progress with no more cheek scrapes.
Discovered today that pinch pouch allows me to pinch grip both thumb up or down while standard pouch only feels safe thumb down.
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