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Yesterday, i received a parcel from our friend torsten.

I am proud to have now some bands that the "speed master" has specially crafted for me.

3 target bands, 3 high speed bands and 1 medium one.
In addition, in the parcel were about 1 hundred 11mm steel balls.

X-Mas in september for me

The bands are extremely well made: perfect cut, extrem weight saving, fantastics pouches, one size for each ammo i use (glass marble, steel, lead), in a very thin and soft leather.

I have put the medium on my oak natural, and one of the "high speed" on my root ball catty

I had the oportunity to try the medium setup yesterday evening:
Wow!! the fastest band set i ever had. Don't have a chrony, but no doubt, faster that my own band sets.

And i was lucky: after my work at the office, i went to a small lake at proximity where i am training myself on lunch time, and i saw a coypu swimming, a real pest here, that make a lot of damages.
I took a 12 mm steel, shot the critter, but i was 10 cm high. It sinked and reappeared few meters farther.
The second shot was a head shot, at about 12 m, clean kill.

For those who are sceptical, I can tell you, butterfly is very effective concerning hunting.

Can't wait to try the high speed and target sets now, and i'll give feedback

And a big thank you, torsten

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Yeah his band-sets almost defy the laws of gravity, that poor Coypu!
Only kidding they are horrible things, I'm very impressed that you took it cleanly with a 12mm steel ball they're about the size of a small dog aren't they?

Anyway thanks for the review - I think I shall have to buy myself some!

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I like the other one, it has real character! -- Tex

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Just saw the thread.
Have fun with these bands!! Cut them a bit shorter after tearing. So you will have a few shots more. And they will become a bit stronger after cutting.
The leather is thin and very light, but also very strong! You can use it for many other sets you will make yourself.
Nice shooters you have there!

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