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Wanted to try another big bottomed shooter. Was thinking about trying a SWOPFS, but decided to go with urbanshooter's Gherkin Gapper template instead.

Also wanted to try making a stacked leather type handle, so all sorts of fun happened… ;)

Materials used were African Mahogany for the core, and a bunch of cut up leather for the handles, a 1/4" piece of phenolic rod and more than a little G Flex epoxy.


One of the more fiddly parts of this build, making the leather handle slabs.


Fixing handles to core with phenolic pin and epoxy, then rough shaping.



This is where I was planning on going with the handle. Probably could have gotten a bit closer had I spent more time on it, but I'm not unhappy with how it came out in the end.


After shaping, melted some beeswax into the leather to seal, then BLO for the core.


Handle did turn out comfy, but if I ever try this again, I'll probably spend twice as long shaping, and not make the slabs so thick! This stuff was a pain to shape.


And all banded up :D

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