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Maomao was nice enough to give me this slingshot. I was around for the making of and know how much work he put into it. It is an honor to have been given such a nice shooter, thanks Mo

This caddy is none other than good ole' Florida Orange Tree, sanded to 600, stained and then finished with mellow beeswax. It is banded with tapered Tex's latex/pouch. The wood displays some of the most beautiful grain and swirls I've seen to date. It even has a feature almost like a large knot/burl or something in the front. There was another branch growing from this part. When I first saw it, I thought it looked a bit like a mustache and loved it.

My first ever shot from this caddy was at an old plastic trailer light we had been using for target practice. I was standing about 35ft away and nailed it. The same with the second shot... I knew this was an awesome slingshot when I received it and its my hand perfectly.

It will be kept for life Mo. Thank you.
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