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Giving Away Slingshots

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I want to suggest that one of the most important/fun parts to the sport of slingshot shooting is giving slingshots away.

It's been a number of years since I've written about this but I like to think it should be talked about from time to time. I just finished an overly long post on Bands Breaking which touched on it and got me thinking.

By my estimate i have probably given away 100 or so slingshots. The circumstances vary widely from groups to friends to strangers and sometimes homeless but each case helps in its own way to "move the needle" towards the advancement of the sport.

One of the real pleasures of the sport has been making and experimenting with slingshots made in different shapes and materials - some of which have been pretty strange. The end result though is that I end up with slingshots that are cool but rarely used. I also shoot a lot and in a lot of different places and so have struck up many, many conversations that have resulted in my grabbing a spare out of the truck along with a handful of, usually, 5/16 balls and given them as a surprise gift. It seems like a lot of conversations (I'm a dentist) head in that way too and it's been fun through the years to grab a slingshot out of the office and hand one off. In all of the years that I have shot I have never been criticized or complained about nor had any trouble from anyone.

In my world it sure beats filling a drawer with slingshots that I never or rarely use.

If you haven't done it before try it. You might open up a a whole new chapter in your enjoyment of the sport!
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I lost my eldest son a couple of years ago (Christopher lived in an Intensive Care Unit with around-the-clock intensive RN care in our home for his entire life of nearly 30 years before passing. That sort of thing changes you. A lot of the emotional losses were compensated for me by being able to share with other fathers and sons what I had not been able to share with my son. I'm sure it has a lot to do my desiring to bless others.)
:) God, Bless Winnie :)
Christmas time eventually brings back lots of great memories of our children, and we never do forget their smiling faces. Remembering those great times that we had with them will always bring us a smile :)
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