Goblet EVO® ‘Ergo’ Slingshot / Catapult (Orange Color) (New) with two band sets. Still in the original cattyshack bag.
TWO Goblet EVO® ‘Ergo’ Slingshots. I am selling them both. You will save 10 US$ on the original purchased price.

It is not easy to let go of some of your slingshots from your collection, but I need extra money to pay for my heart medication.
I am selling some of the slingshots from my collection at a reduced price.
NOTE: I am not making any money on this item. Actually, I am selling it for less than I purchased it.

The Goblet EVO® ‘Ergo’ Slingshot was purchased in 2022 from https://cattyshack.co.uk/product/goblet-evo-ergo/
Purchased price each: £26.95 = $35.72 US = $45.79 CAN + $20 US for shipping
The original purchase does not include any band sets. I will add TWO free band sets.

I am selling each for $25 US = $33 CAN. Shipping is not included. It is about 10 US$ to the US and 15 US$ international.
Available on my Etsy shop

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