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Going back to Idaho for Thanksgiving.

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My kids are after me to move back. I hate the thought of having them fuss over me, but at the age of 76, maybe I ought to move a little closer to what I consider home. It's 1000 miles from my door in Az. to theirs in Id. Maybe I should cut that down to 40 or so. My son wants me to sell everything and buy a 5th. wheel. But the problem with that is after 8 or 10 years, all you have is a 10 year trailer and a worn out truck. And I sure hate the thought of giving up having a shop.

I told myself that i should try one summer here in Az just to see what it was like. And I did. This summer was the hottest one on record. There is nothing here for me in the summer.

If any of you guys are still reading this after all my pondering, I'll will accept any advice given. Might not heed it, but I will consider it.

Thanks guys.

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Not an easy decision, Steve!! Obviously it's nice to be closer to family but moving back to a colder climate certainly has it's drawbacks. Best of luck to you, buddy whichever you decide!!
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