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Good thickness Precise for 1/4" steel?

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I recently developed frozen shoulder, and I think it was caused by shooting 3/8 steel with full BF with hunting bands...I've taken a break from hunting...(shooting all together), and I'm doing exercises that seems to be helping the shoulder...but I want to go back to shooting, so I picked up some 1/4" steel for plinking.

Was wondering which thickness would be proper for 1/4"...and really light but zippy.
I could cut .70 thin, but would rather save it for when I'm back to hunting

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You came Just in the right time. Have you read the "my ultra psudo, Will it work"?
I followed this post, and it was very informative. Take some time to rest. Try to keep moving your shoulder, do some stretches. Make sure your fully recovered before going full force again. In my experience a re-injury takes longer to heal and could cause more damage. Flex all or bengay will become your new best friends. Dont be like me. Be patient with your body, and listen to it.
I'm bad when it comes to practicing patience...something I'm working on right now...I think my shoulder will be good enough by the time an order gets here from China, or so I hope so...
Thinking maybe .45

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0,45 and 20-15 taper works nicely :thumbsup:
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Short draw.
I imagine I could use 15-10 for 3/4 draw...and cut them a little longer so I'm only drawing them to 400%
I'm not looking for performance...just enough to get the ammo onto a can at 10-15 meters..

Thanks man...much appreciated

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That's right, should work very well with 3/4 bf.

My 20-15 shoots well 20+ m distance so Your longer draw should do that same.
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