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I'm so I have the pleasure of working help desk from home, and have an office set up in an old converted shed that also houses all my hand tools.... boredom took over today, and I decided that I wanted a little bb shooter.

After rummaging around in my tool box, I found a wrench in a size that I thought would work for me, and that I had multiples of so I wasn't going to be out a tool.

Chopped off one end to cut down on weight (and to make it look a little prettier).


Then I downsized the jaws a bit (I'll sand them down to true them up)


Next I trimmed some fat off the prongs, and got ready to do some sanding.


Did a touch of sanding before my shift was up, so I'll have to pick the build back up on Tuesday when i go back to work. Might be able to slip out to the office during my weekend, but with the kids home from college on Christmas break, I doubt I'll get the chance.

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That is neat, I have thought about this but seeing how you did it I may have to get in gear and try one myself :)
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