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Driving down the village road is always a blessing this time of year. The temps are warming up to the single digits above, the sun is rising before school starts and the birds are now on the move. I saw 18 grouse on the way to work today, I left 17 as I was strapped for time lol, There was a beautiful sunrise from my classroom window. At lunch I will make a fire near our survival shelter and cook my spruce grouse for lunch. A lot of people grumble about the hardships of teaching in the village, I can't imagine a better place to be or a better way to live. The slingshot has been a wonderful addition to the quiver of hunting tools for my students and myself.

The details: Shot at 12 yards. Dome shot. .45 cal. lead. Slingshot is a birch natty. bands are 1 in to 3/4 in taper, 6.5 in working length GZK .72 green cold weather band material. I get right at 190-200fps out of this set up with my 31in draw at these temps...


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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